11 Trees That Have Acorns

There are many kinds of oak trees, and some thrive in certain climates, which is why you’ll only see them in certain parts of the country. Check out the eleven oak trees that make acorns.

The Northern Red Oak

Northern reds are majestic oak trees growing to around 90 feet tall. The trees are known for their beautiful red to burgundy fall color. Red oaks are one of the most common and popular trees in the U.S.

The Scarlet Oak

Scarlet oak trees are among the most stunning oak trees you’ll ever see. They have deeply lobed leaves that resemble the letter “C” and grow anywhere from 60 to 100 feet tall.

The Willow Oak Tree

The willow oak has distinctive leaves that look very different from prototypical oak leaves. They’re rounder, without the characteristic notches most oak trees have.

The Live Oak Tree

This is a massive, sprawling oak tree with glossy green leaves that feel leathery to the touch. Live oaks produce very dark acorns in an oval shape.