- 5 Tips -

for Removing Reeds from Your Pond

If you are a proud pond owner, you will need to regularly care for your pond. One form of pond care is the removal of reeds, as reeds can become like weeds that overgrow around the pond.

The best way to make this method work is to remove the reeds as soon as you see them so that they do not grow uncontrollably.

Physical Control

You can kill reeds with pesticide products.

Chemical Control (Herbicides)

Biological control involves the use of animals to control the growth of reeds. You can employ cows, sheep, and goats to reduce the reeds because these animals are herbivores.

Biological Control

No matter how hard you try to remove the reeds, more will grow as long as their rhizomes are still in the water. The rhizome or underground stem is the hardy part of a plant, so you need to dig it out.

Remove Their Rhizomes

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