F A V A   B E A N S

Tips for Planting


As A Cover Crop

Aside from growing fava beans for their rich and edible seeds and leaves, you can also grow them as cover crops for your garden.

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To speed up the germination and growth of fava beans, you should soak them in clean, unchlorinated water for 12-24 hours.

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Soak the Seeds

Planting them early will help them to get a great root structure and even be mature enough to be tilled into the soil in early or mid-winter. 

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Plant Them in Early Fall

Organic fertilizer do not just enrich the soil; they also provide some decomposing fungi that can speed up the decomposition of the fava beans. 

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Add Extra Fertilizer

Fava beans, like other types of beans, are legumes and they add nitrogen to the soil with the help of nitrogen-fixing bacteria in their roots.

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Benefits and Uses of Fava Beans as Cover Crops