Tips for Painting

Raised Garden Beds


When you put together your first raised garden bed or two, it's natural to want to do all that you can to make it "pretty". Can you paint raised garden beds? Is it safe? 

Can you paint raised garden beds?

You can paint raised garden beds in any color or pattern you like. When you do use paint, the type and quality of paint should be taken into consideration.

Use a non-toxic, water based paint

Keep in mind, just because they are non-toxic doesn't mean you should eat them but, it's certainly starting from a better place than using paints that can't bear that label.

Pros for Painting Raised Garden Beds

Painting your beds can give them added visual appeal. Maybe you have a community garden and want to encourage the children to make the beds "their own".

Cons of Painting Raised Garden Beds

The chance of chemicals leaching through from the outside of the wood, to the inside of the bed, and then through the soil, and then into the growing food might be too small to worry about.