Tips for Keeping Birds Out of Your Vegetable Garden



Not all gardeners would want to welcome birds in their space, especially those who own a vegetable garden. This is because birds often like to devour harvests, leaving farmers and gardeners with damaged crops.

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Use Nylon Netting

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Perhaps one of the most effective ways to keep birds out of your vegetable garden is by making a barrier using garden netting. But you want to use netting that still allows beneficial insects to pollinate your plants.

Place Plastic Predators in Your Garden

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Plastic predators such as owls and falcons are an effective way to scare off birds from eating your crops. If you can find a decoy that can move or make sounds, it’s better to invest in those items. You can also use a toy snake and place it in your garden bed for the same purpose.

Place a Scarecrow in Your Garden

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Like terror eyes balloons and plastic decoys, using a scarecrow is also an effective way to scare off birds. Just make sure to move it often, and you may also need to change its clothes from time to time to make it more realistic.