Tips for

Freezing Apples

for Smoothies


Freezing is a great way to preserve apples, no doubt. But, when it comes to making smoothies, freezing offers twofold benefits. . .

. . .fresh apples don't have a chance to rot, and they become softer on thawing. Softer apples make smoothie preparation easier.

You can freeze apples whole. This is perhaps the most straightforward way to freeze apples.

Can You Freeze Whole Apples?

When making smoothies, you do not have to remove the skin, so it is okay to freeze apples with the skin on.

Can You Freeze Apples With  the Skin On?

If you freeze the apples properly, they will likely not be ruined. Apples can stay frozen for up to a year without going bad.

Does Freezing Apples Ruin Them?