Tips for Fertilizing African Violets


African violets are beautiful plants that can stay beautiful so long as you grow them in their required conditions. You will need to consider how often you feed and water your plants to maintain their beautiful leaves and flowers.

The best fertilizer formula for African violets is 14 parts nitrogen, 12 parts phosphorus, and 1 part potassium (14-12-1). Aside from the fertilizer formula, you also need to consider the form of fertilizer, as African violet plants grow better with water-soluble fertilizer than others.

Stick to African Violet-Specific Fertilizer as a Newbie

While making fertilizer for your African violets, you should not use urea or any unfinished urea-based product. Urea in its complete form can be too strong for your violets’ roots and can burn them. 

Use Urea-Free Fertilizer

To eliminate the chances of your African violets’ roots burning because of fertilizer problems, only use water-soluble fertilizers. Water-soluble fertilizers have a lower concentration of nutrients if you use the product as recommended in the instructions. 

Water-Soluble Fertilizer is Best for African Violets

If you’d love to grow your African violets without regularly fertilizing them, you should amend their soil with nutrient-rich soil amendment products. For example, products such as coffee grounds, compost, bone meal, blood meal, etc., are proven to sustain and improve the growth of plants.

Amend the Soil

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