7 Reasons Your Jalapeno Leaves Are Turning Yellow

Jalapeno pepper plants are easy-to-grow and produce spicy peppers many people enjoy. Learning how to give your plants what they need to thrive can enusre they reward you with fruits. However, you may sometimes notice that their leaves are turning yellow.

Water Stress

If plants get too little water, their leaves will turn yellow, dry up, and fall off the plant. If they get too much water, their leaves will turn yellow, and the plant will die soon.

Nutrient-Related Problems

Your plant leaves can turn yellow because of several nutrient problems. Aside from nutrient deficiency, an abundance of nutrients can also turn your jalapeno leaves yellow.

Insufficient Light

Light may be the number one factor that you should watch out for, especially when your jalapeno leaves are turning yellow. If there is not sufficient light, the chlorophyll starts to die out and it can lead to the yellowing of the leaves.


Diseases of jalapeno plants can change the color of the plant’s leaves, though there are other symptoms. Diseases move from plant to plant by air, water, mechanical means, and pests.