Gardening on Hard Surfaces

Are Raised Garden Beds on Concrete an Option?

The type of raised garden bed you build depends on the type of surface where they will rest, such as soil, pavement, or a concrete surface.

Concrete is a completely appropriate surface to build a raised garden bed on. Construction of the raised bed and drainage will have to be accounted for but, concrete is acceptable for raised bed gardening.

Raised garden beds have no bottom, which is why it’s important to consider the surface they will be built on.

Building a Raised Garden Bed on Concrete

Insufficient soil depth on a raised bed on concrete may result in roots not having any space to grow

Ideal Height for Raised Beds on Concrete

The short answer is yes. Unlike a raised bed built directly on top of the soil, a raised bed on concrete needs to have a liner or a layer of drainage material between the soil and the concrete to avoid leakages or waterlogging.

Should There Be a Bottom on the Raised Bed?