7 Materials You Could Use to Save Plants from Frost

Cold temperatures have arrived and left you worried about the protection of your plants in the garden. Plants indeed can be ruined when the temperature dips so low that the moisture on the plants turns into ice.

Here's a guide about which materials you could use to save your plants from frost damage.

Frost Cloth

Frost cloth is a great option to save your plants from severe temperatures. Frost cloths tend to store the heat beneath the covers and help plants grow despite temperatures that are lower than ideal for them.

Row Cover

Row cover is also known as a floating cover, which is used to protect plants planted in rows or close together, from the cold weather. It usually comes in quite big pieces, which you could cut with sharp scissors to cover a smaller piece of garden.

Drop Cloth

Drop cloth, for instance, is also a good option if you do not have a frost cloth to save your plants from a sudden late frost. If you must use a drop cloth, make sure to remove it in the daytime if the temperature rises a bit.

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