Tips for Keeping Pumpkins From Rotting

The first step to ensuring that you don’t end up with pumpkins that will easily go bad is to pick those with no nicks, cuts, bruises, or mushy spots, especially if you want them for display.

Water until fruits appear For proper fruit development, pumpkin vines need regular watering. 

Preventing Pumpkins from Rotting in the Garden

To keep the healthy fruits away from the possibly wet ground, you can make them straw nests, wooden boxes, or small pallets.

Make nests

Keep off pumpkin eaters. You can use a solution of hot sauce with water then spray it on the pumpkin to deter them.

Preventing uncarved pumpkins from rotting

Keep it cool Always keep your carved pumpkins in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

Preventing carved pumpkins from rotting