In-Ground Garden Beds

Raised Garden Beds


Also known as Garden Boxes or Planter Boxes, a raised garden bed is just a container or box filled with soil in which plants are cultivated.


In-ground gardens can be easily customized, allowing the gardener to be creative with the plant choices, layouts, and more.


Raised bed gardens are not always the better option. Depending on your location, raised beds could be your best option if you live in a wet and rainy environment or have very poor and compact soil.

Are Raised Bed Gardens Better?

You can use in-ground soil to fill up a raised bed, but only in rare circumstances, if and only if the native soil in your yard is close to being perfect.

Can You Use In-ground Soil  to fill a Raised Bed?

Before setting up a garden, it is important to conduct a small survey of your desired garden area and weigh out the options of whether to choose a raised garden bed or an in-ground garden.