How to Use a Soaker Hose

in a Raised Bed Garden

Using a soaker hose in your raised bed relieves you of the stress of watering your plants manually. With a soaker hose, there is no runoff and the water flows gently through the tiny holes on the hose.

Start by laying the hose over the root systems of the plants in the front row. Ensure the soaker hose is at least 1 or 2 inches away from the roots of the plant.

Lay the Soaker Hose on the Ground

Once you attach the soaker hose to the water supply, you can turn on the tap and check the hose to ensure water is coming out of all the holes.

Connect the Hose End

Although this step is not necessary, covering the hose with mulch reduces evaporation. It ensures your garden remains wet for extended periods. 

Cover Your Soaker Hose With Mulch

Although some gardeners will recommend running the hose for 30 minutes twice a week, you still need to find the perfect balance for your garden.