How to Get Rid of Mockingbirds

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A mockingbird's song can be quite enjoyable. That is, until they refuse to stop singing and making noise, and you find yourself quite irritated.

When nesting season arrives, mockingbirds sing all day, every day, and sometimes straight through the night.

Before you set out to kick a mockingbird out of your territory, you need to have the right supplies.

Items You Need to Get Rid of Mockingbirds

Get a super-soaker water gun

Prepare a water source

Get a hawk or an owl silhouette

Have a reliable light source

Get portable binoculars or a telescope

All of the collected supplies are meant to safely assist you in scaring off the mockingbird without harming it. The goal is to encourage it to move on, not hurt it.

2 Methods for Getting Rid of Mockingbirds

Using Water

Using a Decoy

“ There is no repellant specifically made for mockingbirds. However, items like hawk or owl decoys as well as ultrasonic bird repellers may help repel mockingbirds. ”

Is There Mockingbird Repellant?