How to Choose Soil  for Raised Beds

Everything You Need  to Know


Growing up, you learn that all plants need are some water, dirt, and a bit of sunshine, and the next thing you know, you’re chomping on delicious homegrown watermelon straight from your garden.

The right soil for a raised bed garden is the one that fits your budget and gets the job done. It will keep you gardening and get you the vegetables and herbs you want depending on your climate.

Good soil will yield more cucumbers, tomatoes, or whatever else you’re growing, often multiples of what you would get in lower-quality soil.

Always Go with Quality

For raised beds, most people go with loamy soil because it’s the most fertile, will last longer, and will usually yield more crops.

Different Soil Types to Consider

The basic rule of thumb here, no matter how big your garden is, is that you’re going to want to fill the bottom of your raised beds with compost until it’s around half-full. Then, the rest of it will be soil.

How to Figure Out How Much Soil You Need for a Raised Bed