How to Build a Plant Nursery for Business

9 Things You’ll Need

A plant nursery is an ideal way to share your passion for plants. By growing and propagating your own plants, you can highlight the ones you love in your yard, and inevitably, you end up with extra plants to share.

Land or Space

Of course, plants need land to grow. Open land is a requirement for trees and shrubs, but herbaceous plants often need to be started in a greenhouse under a controlled environment.

Light Exposure

One of the most crucial factors that you must consider before starting a plant-growing business is how much sun exposure your plants need and will get. Remember that your nursery will likely house many different plants with specific requirements.


Water is an essential part of growing plants. The secret of many nurseries growing the most beautiful plants is knowing when and how to water their plants. Watering is also one of the most time-consuming activities of running a nursery.


Nutrients are essential for your plants, so make sure that you feed them when you should. Remember that you need to research the nutrient needs of your plants.