How To Build a Garden Fence  to Keep Animals Out

Fences act as barriers between the garden and animals. The good news is, there are a wide variety of designs and materials to choose from.

Large animals such as deer, elk and moose require an eight foot high fence to be on the safe side. These animals can jump high so you need a high fence.

Burrowing animals such as rabbits, skunks, gophers and ground hogs also fall under this category.  A fence of five feet high and two feet deep will usually be sufficient for these animals.

To keep out cattle, use barbed, high tensile, electric wire or wooden rail fences, ten inches from the ground. Extend the fences to about five feet high.

Basic Steps in Building the Garden Fence -Design your fence on paper -Make a supplies list -Set your fence posts -Add the fencing based on your design and research -Hang the gate -Paint