How Do You Mow Your Lawn For The First Time – A Beginners Guide

Spring is here and the sun is finally out. Mowing is an important part of your lawn care, so let’s check how even beginners can get the most out of it!

Things To Check Before You Mow Your Lawn Before you start mowing, do a pre-cut tidy. It’s really important to remove all the smaller objects that got lost in your yard.

How Long Your Grass Should Be Before You Start Mowing? Pay attention to the grass length because that can help you decide when the right time is to start cutting your lawn.

How Often Should You Mow? It’s optimal to cut your grass once a week, but some lawns simply require to be mowed more often. Sometimes the grass grows more slowly so you will need to cut it every two weeks.

If you trim your lawn on a regular basis and stick to these recommendations, it’s easy to have a beautiful, healthy backyard you can be proud of.