7 Tips for Growing Pumpkins in Small Spaces

As pumpkin vines cover a lot of area and tend to ramble everywhere, they need ample open space to grow. Here we have listed several tips to employ if you do not own a big garden.

To grow pumpkins vertically, you need a trellis sturdy enough to support the pumpkins. A-shaped trellises work best for this plant.

Grow Vertically on a Trellis

Baby Boo, Munchkin, Bumpkin, Baby Pam, Cannon Ball, Blanco, Mischief, and We-Be-Little are some of the mini or small pumpkin varieties which one could grow in a limited area.

Choose Smaller Pumpkin Varieties

Making pumpkin teepees is also one of the space-saving methods one could employ. Once the vines start to grow, bind the stems to the sticks so that they can grow upwards.

Pumpkin Teepees

As the pumpkin plant needs a lot of space to ramble all around, a pergola could be one of the best options to grow pumpkins.

Employ a Pergola