Growing Lettuce In Containers

Growing Lettuce In Containers

Growing lettuce in a container is one of the easiest ways to grow this salad crop, and it will give you predictable and repeatable success.  Containers will allow you to control the growing environment of the lettuce, protect your crop from pests and allow small space cultivation.


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Why Are Containers Good For Growing Lettuce?

Space-saving. Growing lettuce in a container allows the plants to be cultivated indoors, in small pots on a balcony, or even in containers on your kitchen window sill.

The main two types of lettuce are head lettuce and leaf lettuce. Head lettuce can be grown in a container, especially if it is a fairly large container, but it is the least popular variety for smaller containers such as plant pots.

What Type Of Lettuce Should You Grow In A Container?

You can comfortably plant the lettuce about 4 inches apart, and they will thrive in proximity to one another. You can plant the plants closer together if you have a smaller container; you will just have to harvest them at a smaller size to stop them from overcrowding each other.

Planting Lettuce In Containers

You can certainly start your lettuce from seeds. Seeds are generally cheap and easy to come by and if you want to have a healthier alternative, look for heirloom seed to avoid GMO varieties.

Should You Start Your Lettuce From Seeds?

Growing lettuce in a container is not only possible, but it works very well, and the plants thrive in this environment. It is a great way to get started in beginning the journey of growing your own healthier, more nutritious, pesticide-free food.