Growing Cucumbers in  Raised Beds

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Cucumbers are fresh vegetables consumed either raw as salads or cooked.

Growing cucumbers in raised beds is done mostly when there is limited space in the gardens or when you want to grow a particular cucumber variety like the bushy type.

Just like any other cucurbits, cucumber roots do not tolerate disturbance due to uprooting.

Seed Propagation

Growing Cucumbers in a  Raised Bed

Starting cucumbers indoors is very essential if you want to harvest them early. This is advisable because indoor growing conditions can be controlled as desired unlike outside.

Advantages of Starting  Cucumbers Indoors

Starting Cucumbers  Indoors vs. Outdoors

Best Cucumber Varieties to Grow in a Raised Bed

The most ideal varieties for raised beds are the bushy ones. These are the most ideal because they are small with shallow rooting systems unlike the vine varieties

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