Grow Strawberries in Raised Beds

How to

The Essential Guide

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We all love Strawberries. Did you know that homegrown strawberries taste better than strawberries bought from the store?

Strawberries are well-suited to raised beds. Raised beds extend the growing season of your plants and better prevent weeds and pests from reaching your strawberries.

If you choose wood, make sure it is treated with eco-friendly chemicals so that your plants remain safe.

Preparing Raised Beds  for Strawberries

If you want a quicker harvest, you should purchase seedling plants from a garden center or nursery.

Seed or Seedling?

When properly fertilized (and in the right environment), strawberries will ripen about 30 days after they blossom. Strawberries are sweetest when they are ripe.

Harvesting Strawberries