200+ Whimsical Garden Gnome Names

Garden gnomes are ornamental lawn figurines.

These short statuettes can be 1-2 feet in height.

If you have garden gnomes, it will be fun to name them for easy identification.

Here are the list of awesome name ideas for your garden gnome

Popular Garden Gnome Names

Xogim Flintsweeper:  This gnome is very intelligent. He is an alchemist. Galnoa:  One of the female deep gnome names. It is very popular amongst females Schnartank Earthwiser:  A very old gnome. He is 450 years old.

Male Garden Gnome Names

Aiko Barkhide: A forest gnome that studies under the tree. Banli Waggletop: A funny name for a potion-making gnome. Bodli Bedrocklegs: A male gnome known for his large legs. Abrebumast Mugiams: This gnome is a pathfinder gnome.

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