235+ Garden Fairy Names to Inspire You

Garden fairies are beautiful mystical creatures that beautify your garden. Some say that garden fairies give you good luck by increasing your yield. Whether you are using garden fairies as ornaments or for luck, you probably want to name them.

Here are 235+ awesome name ideas for your garden fairies.

Top Garden Fairy Names

* Aurora: Meaning ‘Dawn’ in Latin, Aurora was a mythological goddess of sunrise (Remember that your plants need sunlight to grow) * Tyrion: In Latin, Tyrion means ‘Rock’. * Ivy: A beautiful evergreen climbing plant. A great name for female garden fairies.

Female Garden Fairy Names

* Ailsa * Alvina * Ariel * Calypso * Aine * Alfreda

* Cyrena * Diana * Donella * Celeste * Coralia * Dariyah

Male Garden Fairy Names

* Cosmo * Carling * Caspian * Dylan * Drake * Jack

* Cullen * Draco * Terence * Triton * Jareth * Jiminy

Fairy Names from Different Languages

Do you want to name your fairy with a name from your favorite language?

* Celeste – French: Heavenly * Aubrette – German: Elf * Adelina – German: Little winged one * Fay – Old English: Fairy * Ellie – Greek: Beautiful fairy woman

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