Frost Sensitive Plants


(and How to Protect Them)

Virtually all living things react to significant temperature changes. In their reaction, some become resistant to extreme temperatures, while others try to avoid such extreme temperatures altogether.

Like most living things, plants react to extreme temperatures, especially frost. Frost typically happens at temperatures below 32°F.

Generally, when frost occurs and Tomato Plants or Fruits freeze, they die. If the temperature stays slightly above frost temperature, the plant’s growth may only be stunted.


Pumpkins can recover after a light frost – brief frost or frost that disappears when the sun shines. The vines may die off after a light frost, but the fruits can recover.


Eggplants are frost-sensitive; at around 31 to 33°F, they die. With eggplants, as the temperature starts going below 50°F, growth slows. Then when the cold gets pretty intense, they begin to die off.