Flowering Plants With Thorns

We are well aware that animals can defend themselves from predators and other creatures that may threaten them. It shouldn’t surprise you that plants can do the same.

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Thorns can be found on any part of a plant, including leaves, stems or even around their flowers.

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Almost everyone knows that roses are the thorny symbols of romance and love. These woody perennial plants are native to most countries north of the equator but can be found worldwide in landscapes and cut flower greenhouses.

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(Rosa sp.)

Bougainvilleas can be recognized by their prickly stems, heart-shaped leaves, and crepe paper-like flowers in bright colors such as red, yellow, white, pink, orange, and purple.

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(Bougainvillea Glabra)

Hawthorn hails from North America, Europe, Asia, and North Africa. They also go by their other names, such as Mayflower, white thorn, hawberry, quickthorn, May-tree, and thornapple.

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(Crataegus sp.)