Dormant Seeding


Spring Seeding

Which Is Best for Your Lawn?

Are you planning to reseed your lawn? You are probably thinking that springtime is the best season to reseed since this time of the year is known for growth.

Spring seeding is simply starting new grass in springtime. It is suitable for both cool and warm season types of grass.

What Is Spring Seeding?

– Cool season grasses germinate almost instantly while warm season grasses take less than two weeks to germinate. – Due to quick germination, seed loss is reduced.

Advantages of Spring Seeding

– Spring seeding is best for warm season grasses since the approaching summer will increase temperatures. – Clay soil is usually difficult to work with during spring.

Disadvantages of Spring Seeding

Dormant seeding is seeding in late fall or early winter when the ground is too cold for seeds to germinate, but still warm enough to prevent the seeds from freezing.

What Is Dormant Seeding?

– Grasses started with dormant seeding have high moisture in spring when they germinate, so they need less rain. – Seeds that can survive winter are hardy, so they have a higher chance of not dying after winter.

– Generally, the number of seeds to survive dormant seeding is much smaller than the number of seeds dispersed. – The harsh winter condition can kill some seeds.

Advantages of Dormant  Seeding

Disadvantages of Dormant Seeding