Don’t Plant Immediately After Tilling and 9 Other Tilling Tips

One of the most vital steps in preparing the soil for planting is tilling it.  Tilling is essential because of the benefits it offers.

But did you know that after tilling the soil, you should not plant immediately?

Can You Plant Immediately After Tilling?

It is not recommended that you plant immediately after tilling. Instead, you should wait some time.

How Long Should You Wait to Plant After Tilling?

You could wait only a few days to plant after tilling. But it is better to wait for at least a week before planting.

What to Do After Tilling a Yard?

Once you are done tilling, the yard will be filled with debris, bumps, rocks, and grass clusters. You have to clean off the surface and rake it out smooth in preparation for lawn seeding.

Is It Better to Till  Wet or Dry?

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