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Do Zucchini Noodles Taste Good?

If you’re looking for something new to try in the kitchen, then you should think about giving zucchini noodles a whirl. It taste great.

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What Do They Taste Like?

One of the best things about zucchini noodles is that they don’t have a strong flavor. You don’t get an overpowering vegetable flavor that takes over your pesto or marinara dish.

Are They Good for You?

They’re a great way to up vegetable intake for kids and other people who may be picky eaters because they come with delicious sauces.

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What to Do if They Do Taste Sour?

Some people still eat zoodles that taste a bit sour because with sauce it’s barely noticeable. Depending on how you’re cooking it, you may be able to get past it.

Can You Use Yellow Zucchinis for Zoodles?

Yes, yellow zucchinis will work, but your zoodles will probably be squishier and have a softer texture. They also tend to turn a bit slimy after a day or two, which is why so many people stick with green.