Do Groundhogs eat Pumpkins

Groundhogs or Woodchucks are mammalian pests in your garden. These animals destroy your garden crop and you do not want them anywhere near it.

Groundhogs do eat Pumpkins. Almost every crop grown in gardens are not safe when there are Groundhogs around.

Groundhogs are common in bushy areas near open lands. This means that if your farm or garden is not close to a bushy area, there may be no Groundhogs around.

Signs Groundhogs Are Eating  Your Pumpkins

Eating the Plants: Groundhogs eat every part of pumpkins. They eat the fruit flesh, rinds, seeds, flowers, leaves, etc.

How Groundhogs Damage Your Pumpkins

Destroying the Roots: Groundhogs dig burrows under your plants.

If you see Groundhogs in your garden, you should protect your Pumpkins. Asides from Pumpkins, however, Groundhogs may enter your garden for other plants.

Other Fruits and Vegetables  That Groundhogs Eat