Do Bears Eat Pumpkins?

Bears eat pumpkins and they seem to enjoy them just as much, or even more than we do. Pumpkins are packed full of healthy nutrients and calories, both of which bears need, especially before they hibernate.

Bears love to eat pumpkins they stumble across and they do not mind leaving a mess behind. It is important to understand why bears do eat pumpkins and how you can keep them away from your own pumpkins.

Are Pumpkins Safe For Bears to Eat?

They are safe for bears to break open, chew, and eat as they wish. Pumpkins may be a little thick and tough for humans to break into, but they are no match for a bear.

Do Bears Eat Whole Pumpkins?

Bears do eat whole pumpkins, after they break them open or bite into them, of course. A bear cannot eat a pumpkin whole, but it can chew up and eat a whole pumpkin in several bites.

Do Bears Eat Carved Pumpkins?

Bears do eat carved pumpkins, however, they may steer clear of ones that have lights or burning candles inside of them.

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