Determining the Size for Raised Beds

Is Bed Sizing Important?

The main aim of putting up a raised bed is to maximize your garden space and give easy access to all parts of the garden.  It is, therefore, better to get it right the first time you construct the garden to avoid later regrets.

What Size Should You Consider?

Depending on the available space and the demands of the garden, the length of the garden can vary from two to eight feet or even more.

Does Width Matter?

The width of the bed matters a lot, for you should provide accessibility and easy reach up to the middle of the garden from both sides of the bed, to reduce the need to step into the garden.

Does Length Matter?

Though the bed length is not as critical as the width, having very long beds can be problematic to work on and walk about when gardening.

Does Depth Matter?

Depth is a critical factor to consider when putting up beds, especially if you want to plant crops that require deep soils for adequate root growth.