Complete Guide to  Meyer Lemon  Tree Care

Meyer lemons have a mixed origin. They are a hybrid – the product of a cross between an orange tree and a lemon tree. Here are some various practices for Meyer Lemon Tree care.

Meyer lemon trees can survive in almost all types of soil, provided the soil has good drainage. Obviously, since good drainage is very vital, this tree does well in loamy and sandy soils.

Best Soil

When planting a Meyer lemon tree, you may choose to plant it directly into the ground or into a pot.

Potted vs. Planted

For your Meyer lemon tree to thrive, you have to place it in the right environment. Such an environment will have sufficient shade, sufficient sunlight, and the right temperature.

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Where to Plant

When you notice long, thin branches, prune them out. Such a stem cannot support or bear fruit.

When and How to Prune