Can Zucchini and Tomatoes Be Planted Together?

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Zucchinis and tomatoes can be planted together. As expected in companion planting, these types of plants are mutually beneficial to each other

The general soil requirements of tomato plants and zucchini plants are similar. If you intend to use them as companion plants, you must ensure the soil is very fertile. Also, you must fertilize the soil regularly.

Tomato and zucchini plants will get enough sun if you satisfy the necessary conditions. The most vital factor that determines the amount of sun they get is the planting site.

Some of the pests that attack zucchinis and tomatoes are the same which includes cutworms, aphids, spider mites, etc.

Zucchinis and tomatoes can be planted together. Both are summer plants that thrive in rich, slightly acidic, and well-drained soil. So, they can grow under similar conditions.