Can You Grow Grass in the Fall?

Grass can be grown in the fall and other seasons, depending partly on their type. Grasses come in two distinct categories: warm-season and cool-season.

To achieve good results, plant your grass seeds in the spring or the fall. You need to allow the grass seed to germinate when there is enough moisture and when temperatures are more moderate.

When Is the Best Time to Plant Grass Seed?

Early to mid-fall is the right time to overseed in regions with warmer climates. Grasses are divided into cool and warm season grass types

When to Seed

Grass types like the perennial ryegrass are perfect for fall planting. This variety can thrive if planted in cool and shady areas all year round. Some other fall varieties include annual ryegrass and red fescue.

What Types to Use

When watering, keep the top inch of soil consistently moist. You might have to mist the seedbed at least once a day. If the weather is hot and dry, you will need to mist more often.

Keep on Watering

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