"Cross pollination happens when two different types of squash are planted too close to each other. As a result, they exchange pollen and pistils for creating a new type of squash."

"People should typically avoid eating cross-pollinated squash because too much of it can be toxic."

Can You Eat Cross-Pollinated Squash?

"When eaten in small amounts, the toxin poses no threat to humans. However, in cross-pollinated plants, there’s enough cucurbitacin to make you sick."

What Is Toxic Syndrome?

"When you bite into it, it will taste extremely bitter because of high levels of cucurbitacin. Usually, the squash is so bitter that it’s inedible."

How to Know If Squash Is Cross Pollinated?

"t’s relatively rare. Don’t eat any squash that doesn’t look like you think it should, and if something tastes off, don’t keep eating it."

Chances of Poisoning Are Very Low