Can Garden Spiders Bite?

Can garden spiders bite?

Garden spiders can indeed bite. Like many other arachnids, garden spiders bite, but such occurrences are very rare. Garden spiders are non-aggressive, and as long as you do not threaten them, they will not bite.


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Garden spiders are non-aggressive species of spiders. The chances of someone getting bitten by them is pretty low. Now, this does not mean they do not bite. It only means bites from garden spiders are uncommon.

Garden spiders do carry some venom. However, their venom would do no harm to humans and pets under normal circumstances. The venom of a garden spider is used to paralyze its prey. But the said venom is not potent enough to elicit the same effect in humans.

Are Garden Spiders Dangerous?

European Garden Spider

Also known as the garden cross spider, the European garden spider is a species native to Europe. It appears with mottled markings on its abdomen in the shape of a cross and is typically colored orange-brown, yellow, or dark grey.

Banded garden spiders are found in various regions across the US and Canada. Members of this species are striped, and they come in 4 colors: yellow, white, brown, and black. Adult banded garden spiders are typically as long as 0.16-0.98 inches – the females are about twice the size of males.

Banded Garden Spider

Garden spiders can bite, but only in rare cases. When they do bite, their venom does no harm, unless you have an allergy to the venom. Garden spiders are beneficial species to have in your landscape.