A garter snake can bite, although it is unlikely for them to bite humans unless threatened or provoked. While their bite is considered non-venomous, a person bitten by garter snake bite should wash the bitten area thoroughly. Their bite can cause minor swelling and itchiness.

Can a garter snake bite?

Although they are not highly visible, garter snakes do have two large, sharp teeth at the back of their mouth which they use to catch prey. With the help of mild neurotoxin that is present in their saliva, small prey becomes easier to swallow.

Do garter snakes have teeth?

Like any animal’s bite, the garter snakes’ bite will hurt, but it is unlikely to cause serious issues, or even death. Some species do contain venom, although it is not considered significantly toxic to humans.

Does a garter snake bite hurt?

Garter snakes are harmless to humans, and can be kept as pets. However, you should not catch wild ones as it may be against the law. Rather, buy one from the pet store or from a reputable breeder.

Are garter snakes friendly?

Part of the garter snake’s diet includes insects, toads, earthworms, amphibians, slugs, leeches, snails, crayfish, small fishes, as well as other snakes. In some cases, they eat lizards, baby birds, and small mammals such as rodents. 

What do they eat?

Identify the color of the snake’s body. Usually, a garter snake may be in the color of brown, gray, black, and olive. Some may have checkerboard patterns, with scales that looks rough and a raised ridge.

How do you identify a garter snake?

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