19 Best Trees for Pool Area

Trees aren’t just good for offering fruits and saving the environment, they’re a great addition to any landscape. Of the many places you can plant a tree in your environment, the pool area is one place trees offer multiple benefits. The trees will also add some aesthetics to the scenery and improve the air around the area.

Generally, it is advised that you keep your pool at least 15 feet from any tree trunk. But if there’s even more space, you should aim to keep your pool outside the perimeter of the tree’s drip line.

How Far Does the Pool Need to Be From a Tree?

Will the Pool Chlorine Kill a Tree?

While trees can have adverse effects on your pool if poorly-spaced, pools may also affect your trees. The water in pools is usually treated with chemicals to improve its quality.  One of the most common of such chemicals is chlorine. While chlorine is perfectly fitting for human use, it could make the surrounding trees sick.

Two Types of  Trees  for Around the Pool

Ornamentals these types are kept for beautification.Privacy Trees these types are used as privacy screens.

Fruitless Olive Tree

Maximum Height: 30 feet Ornamental or Privacy: Both Does It Drop Litter: Relatively litter-free, especially the Majestic Beauty

Maximum Height: 8-12 feet Ornamental or Privacy: Both Does It Drop Litter: No Root Depth/Width: As wide as 12 feet


Maximum Height: 20-39 feet Ornamental or Privacy: Ornamental Does It Drop Litter: No. Root Depth/Width: 3.3 feet deep

Cane Palm

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