Are Garden Snails Dangerous?

Have you ever seen a snail or two in your garden before? It is very common for gardeners to find snails and other small animals around their plants.

Most garden snails will destroy your plants by eating their leaves, flowers, and other parts. There are, however, some benefits of having snails in your garden.

Also called the European Brown Garden Snail, this snail is the most common snail you will find in your garden. It is notable for its yellow or cream shell with brown stripes. These snails are very dangerous to your plants.

Garden Snail

(Cornu Aspersum)

The African Giant Snail is a genus of snails that grow to be 8 inches long (or more). These snails are very invasive and happily eat more than 500 kinds of plants.

African Giant Snail

(Achatina Spp.)

These snails look like garden snails but are larger and less slimy. They are disastrous to plants just like other snails. Their shells are light brown and they have dark brown stripes.

Roman Snail

(Helix Pomatia)