All About the  Ghost Pepper

The ghost pepper was not only the hottest pepper in the world at one point, but it has so much potency that it was almost used as a form of non-lethal explosive to control unruly crowds.


The ghost pepper is an interesting pepper that comes in several different shades of color and measures anywhere between 2 to 3.5 inches in length and typically about 1 inch in width.



Surprisingly, ghost peppers are actually quite sugary and tasty initially, unlike the battery acid flavor we may think they have



If you intend to plant these peppers in your garden, a pack of 10 seeds will cost roughly around $4 to $6 online.


Buying Ghost Peppers

These fear-inducing fruits are kind of a tricky plant to grow due to their origin coming from India. The overwhelming warmth and humidity of the ghost pepper’s native climate can prove problematic to replicate for most growers.

Growing Ghost Peppers