Everything You Need to Know About Adding Worms in Your Raised Bed Garden

Use of worms in gardening, a process called rather vermiculture, is a solution to gardeners who want to have useful microbes and worm castings in their garden soils.

Worms have the capability of mixing soil and consuming organic matter in order to produce castings or rather vermicomposts. Castings (worm poop) are full of nutrients which are vital in increasing plant growth.

Benefits of Worms in Gardens

The best worms for raised bed gardens are red wiggler worms, Eisenia fetida. Red wiggler worms usually tend to stay on the upper surface of the soil and do not burrow deep into the soil.

Best Worms for Gardens

In order to know the worm population in your garden, you can use actual method by counting their numbers or using estimation method.

How to Know How Many Worms You Have

Worms are beneficial to soil when it comes to aeration, soil amendment, provision of nutrients and increasing porosity. Some worms cause more harm than good and should be avoided.