Should You Add Worms to Your Potted Plants?

A popular method of caring for plants is by adding earthworms to the soil or potting mix.

Is it safe?

What kind of earthworms can be found in potted plants?

Should you add extra worms?

Adding earthworms to your potted plants can be beneficial for the plant. Worms aid in aerating the soil which can help it grow faster.

Types of Worms Found in Potted Plants


They are found everywhere and are referred to as a farmer’s best friend. If you did not add earthworms in your pots but can find them, it could be an indication that the soil is full of nutrients.


Nematodes are not commonly found in potted plants. While most nematodes are free-living and aid in nutrient cycling, the ones that are a concern to farmers are the plant-parasitic nematodes.

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