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17 Types of Pink Flowers

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If you’re searching for blossoms with a beautiful shade and energetic inclination, pink blossoms are a sure bet. Pink blossoms are an incredible addition to flower bundles, table decorations, wedding styles, and other decorative designs.

The color pink symbolizes cheer, friendship, and a fun-loving nature, and is an all-inclusive shade of adoration, making it ideal for weddings and other celebratory occasions.

1. Zinnia

Zinnias blooming in the garden

These pink blossoms arrive in an assortment of structures — zinnias can have single, twofold or semi-twofold lines of petals that give them a curvy bunched look.

They normally grow in the Southern United States through South America with an enormous focus in Mexico. They are very well-adapted to hot, dry weather.

2. Cherry Blossom

Cherry blossom blossoming in the garden

These blooms were originally a symbol of goodwill between the United States and Japan.

When cherry blossom trees bloom in April, the air is filled with their lovely sweet fragrance.

3. Tulip

Pink tulips on brown paper and yarn in the table

Tulips are a delightful portrayal of genuine romance and nurturing. Their blossoming season from March to mid-May is just in time for Mother’s Day gifts and Easter decorations.

In Holland, tulips are vastly popular and their beautiful fields full of them bring tourists from all countries and walks of life.

4. Peony

Blossoming Pink Peonies

Peony plants are very long lasting. In fact, they have been known to live for over 100 years and still be productive. They are found in Asia, North America and Southern Europe.

Peonies are a top pick for wedding flower bundles and style. They represent favorable luck and honor.

5. Chrysanthemum

Closeup photo of Chrysanthemum with other flower to full bloom

The Chrysanthemum blooms during the late fall and into the winter. They are commonly associated with the fall and winter holidays because of their availability.

There are 40 true species of Chrysanthemum and the number of named varieties increases each year. Chrysanthemums have been used for much more than just decoration over the course of time. In their originating country, China, wild species are used to treat pain, sore throats, and heartburn.

6. Hibiscus

Pink hibiscus flower in blurry nature background

The Hibiscus is a very popular flower that originates in the Pacific rim. Their scent is easy to recognize because it is used as a fragrance in many perfumes and candles. They are also used in drinks and foods.

These represent beauty and softness.

7. Hollyhock

Beautiful Hollyhock flower in the garden

Hollyhocks are great for growing on a trellis or lattice outside your home. They are a perfect summer flower to grow in your yard and pick to brighten up your table.

They symbolize fruitfulness and protective love.

8. Snapdragon

pink snapdragon flower in blurry garden background

Snapdragons got their name because, you guessed it, they look like a dragon. They fill in bunches at the highest point of the stem making a thick group of pink blossoms.

Snapdragons bloom best during the cooler months.

9. Spider Lily (Cleome)

pink spider lily flower in dark garden background

Spider lilies stamen are long and spindly making them look like spiders.

They are poisonous to pets, so make a point to keep your animals away from them. Spider Lily is a symbolic representation of the afterlife.

10. Rose

Pink roses in a rattan basket on a wooden table

Different colors of roses are used to symbolize many different sentiments and feelings. Pink roses stand for blossoming love and affection so they are perfect for a new or budding romance.

You’ll get the best roses from mid-spring to fall.

11. Orchid

pink orchid against light background

Orchids are exceedingly popular and are often given as gifts for housewarmings or Mother’s Day. They are very sensitive plants, so if you give them as a gift, be sure to let the recipient know how they should care for them.

They represent luxury and magnificence.

12. Azalea

A branch of pink azalea blossoms

These shrubs produce beautiful pink blossoms, among other vibrant colors, in spring. They thrive in hardiness zones 3-10. Some varieties have evergreen foliage, while some are semi-evergreen.

You can pretty much plant them anywhere because they don’t have a preference on sun exposure.

13. Hydrangea

Beautiful pink hydrangea flowers in the garden

There are more than 70 distinct kinds of hydrangeas. They are very distinctive with their rounded bundles of flowers per blossom that can be the size of a person’s head.

Hydrangea represents true sentiments.

14. Dahlia

Pink Dahlias blossoming in the garden

Dahlias come in 42 distinct species. They are members of the Asteraceae family, which is the same family as chrysanthemums. Dahlias grow from tubers, which can be dug up and kept from year to year with proper storage.

You can recognize a Dahlia by its unique and beautifully curved petals. They represent grace and graciousness.

15. Carnation

Pink carnations with water drops

Pinks and pinkish purples are the carnation’s normal tone but because of breeding, you can pretty much find them in any color. They are exceedingly popular because of their beauty and low price tag.

These represent gratitude and being extraordinary.

16. Calla Lily

Pink Calla Lily flower in nature background

Calla lilies are perennials which means they will come back and bloom year after year in their preferred growing zones. Despite their name, they are not lilies. It is likely that they are called “lilies” because of the shape of their flower.

The calla lily is originally from Africa. They typically grow one to three feet tall and can be recognized by their unique flower and stamen. They represent innocence and magnificence.

17. Butterfly Bush ‘Pink Delight’

Pink flowers butterfly-bush in the park

This popular and fast-growing plant got its name from its capacity to draw in butterflies like a magnet. They are extremely simple to grow and develop rapidly into medium-to enormous shrubs with arching branches that are covered with conical blooms made up of tiny pink flowers.

Their most common colors are the lavender and purple shades, but they are also staggering in pink. They represent rebirth and fresh starts.


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