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Types of Furniture for Gardens

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The natural environment plays a significant role in building and sustaining healthy living. A comfortable and practical seating arrangement can be a clever idea to inspire you to spend more time in your garden.

However, not every type and material of furniture is going to be serviceable. Setting up a garden can be costly and you don’t want to invest in the wrong things. Investing in the most suitable options can not only save you money but also help you connect with nature.

This article is written to help you in this regard. It analyzes several types and materials of furniture that you can purchase to fully optimize your garden.

Aluminum Outdoor Furniture

Wicker Furniture - Table And Chairs In A Wooden Terrace

Aluminum furniture can be the best option for the following reasons:


Lightweight furniture can be the best choice if you intend to change your sitting arrangement often. This quality helps you to lift the furniture whenever and wherever you want.

It’s handy especially when you have to adjust them according to your needs or desires. If you are one of those people who needs to refresh their arrangement according to season, aluminum furniture is just the right option for you.


Aluminum outdoor furniture is durable because it does not rust. There is a fine layer on aluminum that does not let the metal come in contact with the air. So the metal does not get corrosion or become affected by weather related factors.

They also do not deteriorate with time and are not vulnerable to sun exposure or cold. You can leave them out in any season.

Minimal Maintenance

Aluminum furniture does not need high-level maintenance. You could just clean it with a duster. However, if it faces a storm or severe rain and gets smudges on it, a soap or light detergent will work best.

Wrought Iron

White chair and white wrought iron table and potted plant on the table outdoor

If you prefer a type of furniture that can’t be moved by heavy winds or storms, wrought iron furniture is for you. It can be an amazing choice for the following reasons:


You can get them designed in any way. Intricate patterns on wrought iron will give your garden an aesthetic look. You will see wrought iron furniture at many restaurants or other outdoor vintage spaces because of its beauty.


Wrought iron is often a preference because it is long-lasting and has a strong structure. However, it might require high maintenance because it is corrosive and can become rusted if you do not take care of it properly. If you take care of furnishings properly, they will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Maintain Theme

If you have different frames or trellis in your garden, iron-wrought furniture will maintain the theme of your garden.

There are some factors to keep in mind before buying wrought iron furniture:

  • It might be a bit more costly than other material furniture.
  • It will require on-time polishing to prevent rusting.

Resin Wicker Furniture

wicker furniture chair and table in the garden

Resin wicker is also a commonly used material for garden furniture. It is made up of polymers. This patio furniture is relatively inexpensive and can go a long way with you. Here is a list of some of the advantages of resin wicker furniture:

Resistant to all Weather Conditions

Resin wicker is perfect to use for all weather conditions. You can leave it out in sun, rain, and frost without being worried about it getting molded or fading in color. It is also safer than some other materials.


Resin wicker is more versatile than many other materials. You can choose to get tables, chairs, and any other accessories in this material. It is also suitable for those who like having a good time beside their swimming pool.


Resin wicker seems relatively more pleasing than some other materials because you can find them in many colors and designs. Other materials like iron or aluminum usually come in neutral colors.


Wicker is the easiest material to maintain. You need just a damp duster to make it look new once again. If it gets extra dirty and needs deep cleaning, a regular dishwasher soap is enough.


If your budget is tight but you still want to maintain your garden, resin wicker furniture is the best option for you. it is long-lasting yet affordable. You won’t regret making an investment in this material.

Wooden Furniture

Wooden table and chairs in the summer garden

Wooden patio furniture comes in a variety of wood types. For instance, teak, pine, and oak. All of the wood types carry the same characteristics. Wooden furniture is for those who like to give a rustic look to their garden.

However, before discussing how beautiful wood might make a garden look, you should know that wood needs extra care. If you do not have time to shift it to a safe place in case of weather changes, do not buy it.

These are the factors that would make you choose wooden furniture.


Wooden furniture is quite aesthetically pleasing when arranged in the garden. You can get your furniture carved and get whatever style you want.


Wood is a renewable material. Investing in wood is an excellent choice because it can be renewed if you want to change the style statement of your garden. Plus, if the weather has affected the furniture quality, you can revive it with varnish or paint.

Bamboo Furniture

Bamboo furniture with books and laptop on it

Traditional bamboo furniture was a grace of homes in the old days. To get a vintage and classic look, people still consider setting it up in their gardens. You can get this furniture in modern designs as well.

Before discussing how good this material is, you should know that bamboo might get attacked by pests in the garden and get scratched easily. So you should aware of that possibility.


Bamboo furniture is so lightweight that you can easily move it. It is not waterproof so it might get affected by over sun exposure. However, its quality of being lightweight will save you from extra effort if you have to move it.

Does not Swell

One of the notable features of bamboo furniture is that it does not swell if you forget to cover it in rainy conditions. However, you should still try to keep it in shelters to prevent mildew and make it last for a long time.


It comes in unique styles and designs. You will have a substantial number of options in case of buying bamboo furniture.

Plastic Furniture

Messy and rainy plastic cafe chairs and table in the garden

Plastic furniture material includes polymers and polyvinyl chloride and is quite popular among many people. It is strong and well-built furniture. People tend to buy plastic furniture for many reasons. Some of which are stated below:

Harmless to children

Plastic furniture is a safe option for those who have children because it does not have sharp edges like metallic furniture.


The most suitable option for patio furniture is waterproof material. A notable feature of plastic furniture is that it is waterproof. You do not need to keep it in a shelter in case of heavy rain.

Does not Need Refinement

Plastic does not need refinement like wood. You can use it for a lifetime without getting it updated. You don’t have to maintain it with any extra effort. Just a damp piece of cloth is enough to clean it.

Termite Free

When kept in the garden, furniture might be vulnerable to many pests. Especially bamboo or wooden material. Plastic furniture eliminates the hassle of putting extra effort into keeping your furniture safe.

Glass Furniture

Glass table in the patio

Glass is an uncommon material to be used for furniture. However, it is becoming trendy gradually. To get a unique and artistic look, you can invest in glass furniture.


One of the remarkable properties of glass furniture is that it is compatible with both metal and wood legs. You can also harmonize it with leather and gilt bronze. Although glass suits with all these materials, gilt bronze gives it an extra pop.

High Level of Elegance

Glass gives an enhanced level of sophistication and elegance to any space. It also makes the space look more spacious because it does not block the view.

Rope Furniture

With all the materials in the world, rope furniture will make your garden look stand out. It is a perfect choice for people who are not willing to over-perform to maintain the outdoor furniture.


Rope furniture gives you the freedom to get it customized. You can get an item exactly the way you want. You can make assorted designs like braids, flat straps, or wrap around the frame.

Weather Resistant

Rope furniture is suitable for any weather condition. It can survive in full sun and heavy rain.

Elegant garden furniture on terrace of suburban home

Types Of Furniture to Keep in the Garden

There are diverse types of furniture to choose from according to your garden space and need. Some of them are discussed below:


The garden is an essential part of every home. It is a place where you can come to spend your spare time. A proper seating arrangement makes it a worthwhile place. So, you can consider setting up benches in the garden.

Benches are suitable for every garden. They are a perfect choice for making seating arrangements on a larger scale because they accommodate three to four people at the same time. Plus, they give your garden an intimate look.

They also fit perfectly with any furniture item. People with limited garden space must consider buying benches. They are most popular in materials such as wood, flat polyethylene weave, and cast iron.


Chairs come in distinctive designs and colors, and you can adopt any style statement with them even in a limited space. For instance, you can get a chair with an ottoman, armchair, Adirondack chair, camping chair, reclining chair, folding chair, or suspended seats.

You can choose any of them according to your own choice and taste. It is better to get portable chairs so that if you have to move them because of weather conditions you can do it easily.

If your taste harmonizes with heavy furniture, you should go with a weather-resistant material.


Chairs without tables do not make much sense. To give your garden a complete and intimate look, a table is a must-have. Sometimes you might want to have a special dinner in your garden, so the table will play a significant role in that case.

Tables can also serve you in case you want to have a study session in the garden. You have the option of a fire pit table or picnic table and you can use them according to the purpose you want to achieve.


Sofas are a complete source of comfort. After a long day, a rest on your garden sofa will provide you extra satisfaction. Sofas are also a smart choice if you want to give a fancy look to your garden.

You can also arrange kitty parties or dinner in your garden with sofas. They are the most suitable choice for large gardens and will make your outdoor space stand out.

Bistro Sets

Bistro stools include pub stools and a small café table. They come in any shape or size. Bistro sets used to come in iron material, however, now they have started manufacturing them in varied materials.

They give a fun and aesthetic look to your outdoor space.

Patio Deck Bar

A patio deck bar is an ideal choice for small gardens. It not only provides a place to sit, but you can also store your fruits or other drinks in it.

It is best for small summer parties.

Outdoor Dining Sets

Occasional outdoor dining brings a change in your mundane routine. So, an outdoor dining set will be an excellent choice for such occasions. Following are two of the advantages that will make you want to buy it.

Comfortable Space for Parties

An outdoor dining set is for those people who love inviting people over to their place. The dining set makes a comfortable and adorable space for dinner in your garden.

You can also arrange birthday parties or have Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner at this outdoor dining set.

Extra Seating

The outdoor dining set is for big gardens. It creates extra seating arrangements for big families. This set allows you to have dinner in a beautiful ambiance.

Comfortable outdoor living space with furniture on a patio and plants

Things to Consider When Selecting Garden Furniture

You should consider the following points before buying the furniture:

Know Your Purpose

Having a specific purpose helps you make an informed decision. When you leave your home without having a purpose you might end up buying nothing. The wise thing to do is to figure out why you need a specific furniture item.

For instance, buying a dining set for your outdoor space will be of no use if it does not serve your main purposes.

Consider Weather

Weather contributes a lot in helping you make a choice for outdoor furniture. If you do not have a large space or shelter to store furniture, then your non-resistant furniture might deteriorate in no time.

The reason for that is that some materials cannot survive in rain. For instance, wooden furniture becomes swollen when left in rain.

If you live in an area where you have high winds or storms, then lightweight furniture might get damaged. In full sun, metal furniture is not an excellent choice because it gets extremely hot.

If you really have to make a choice independent of the weather, a table with an umbrella is a hack.

Keep your Garden Space in Mind

Garden space matters a lot when making a choice for outdoor furniture. For a limited space if you choose a bigger size of furniture, then you might bump into it a lot. For instance, the sofa will not be a viable choice for a small garden.

The right-sized furniture will leave enough space for you to walk around in the garden. If you have a small garden, bistro sets, or folding chairs will make the ideal choice.

You can also choose a hammock or bar stools to give a fun and artistic look to the garden. For small gardens, lightweight furniture can also work because you can always pick it up after use.

It can be an investment

Buying furniture is an investment. You don’t want to keep spending money on the same thing repeatedly. Some people tend to buy any item just because it’s cheap and end up having to buy the same thing again.

Not everything can be of excellent quality for a cheap price. Buying a cheap thing could mean low quality. Inferior quality furniture will lead you to spending money on furniture repeatedly.

So it is wise to spend a little extra money on furniture so that it will stay with you for as long as you want.

Try it out

When somebody buys furniture, there are many factors that they have in mind and comfort stands at the top of the list. Trying out furniture is very important so that you could know if it will give you the level of comfort that you need.

When you select furniture without trying it out, you might face problems afterward and might have to disturb your budget once more. So, making an investment in the right thing is important to keep your budget in control.


Maintenance can be a tiresome thing to perform. Choosing furniture which needs high maintenance can cost you money and especially time. Not everyone can manage to maintain outdoor furniture. So, the better choice is to go for the materials which need minimal maintenance. Plastic or aluminum is an ideal choice in that case.

Corrosive metal can cost you a lot because you might have to varnish or paint it after a specific period of time. So, spending on low-maintenance furniture will save you both time and effort.

Maintain a Theme

It is true that we want outdoor furniture for practical uses. However, maintaining aesthetics is also a crucial factor to consider. It will make your garden more intimate and a head-turner.

So, there are many ways you can harmonize your furniture with your garden. For instance, if you have a trellis or other metallic frames in your garden, then wrought iron furniture would be most suitable. Bamboo or wooden furniture goes well with grass.

Think About Storage

It is important to consider storage at your home so that you can keep your non-resistant furniture there in case of any severe weather conditions. Every garden needs a regular cleaning session and maintenance, so you will have to pick up your furniture quite often and keep it in the storeroom.

In that case, storage for the outdoor furniture will prove to be useful. So to make sure that your garden furniture remains intact, you will want to have a storage room to store your outdoor furniture.


Having pergolas or a gazebo in your garden can be a safe place for your garden furniture. They not only provide shade but also make a comfortable and exquisite space in the garden to make you feel at peace.

You can enjoy outdoor activities at any hour of the day, without worrying about rain or the sun.

Elegant garden furniture

Bottom Line

Outdoor furniture is an important part of your garden. Many factors, including resistance to weather, affordability, comfort, durability, and beauty need to be considered. They all matter equally in letting you make the right choice for your garden furniture.

Each material has its own pros and cons, and each furniture type carries importance according to your specific needs.

A little research might help you to make the right and most informed decision. To make your furniture long-lasting, you need to put forth the effort to maintain it or store it to keep it from external factors that could be harmful to it.


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