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Do Gardens Increase Property Value?

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A garden can be a gorgeous feature in anyone’s home. It provides vibrancy and a wonderful ambiance to your backyard and makes your home much more attractive.

Green spaces at home such as well maintained lawns and gardens not only improve curb appeal, they also improve mood and have mental and physical health benefits.

Thus having a well maintained and manicured landscape at home positively impacts your home’s property value.

Wooden dining table set in lush landscaped garden

According to Virginia Cooperative Extension, their survey results showed that relatively large landscape expenditures significantly increase perceived home value and will result in a higher selling price than homes with a minimal landscape.

Factors that affect the property value the most are landscape design, plant sizes and types.

A well-maintained garden increases its value over time because of the maturity of the plants which results in a better outlook.

Having a well-kept and manicured lawn and garden boosts potential buyers’ confidence in your home.

They will see that the owners take extra care for their property.

Curb appeal is very important so it is essential to enhance your home’s landscape to attract potential buyers.

A well designed landscape is favorable in increasing home value while poorly landscaped gardens decrease property values.

Here are some tips on how to improve your garden and help grow your home value.

Garden Improvements to Increase Property Value

Maintain Your Lawn and Avoid Artificial Grass

Have a healthy and weed-free lawn. Your grass should be green, mowed and filled.

Although artificial grass is low maintenance, it is toxic, not eco-friendly and doesn’t age well.

Add Some Trees, Shrubs and Attractive Plants

Trees and shrubs give extra privacy to your home.

They improve air quality around your property and provide shade. Mature trees can also improve your property value.

Adding low maintenance and attractive plants also helps in improving your home value.

Plants that require minimal watering would be a good addition and they will be easier for the next owners to maintain. 

Gardener ready to water the plants in the garden, garden view

Keep the Garden Tidy and Healthy

An untidy and unkempt garden will decrease your value and scare away potential buyers.

They may see it as more work, effort and maintenance to be done.

Keep your garden neat and tidy and remove unwanted weeds.

Add mulch to your plants to keep them healthy and to restore their color. Mulch also helps in conservation of soil moisture.

Landscape Design

Choose a landscape design that complements the architecture of the house.

Nobody likes a disorganized landscape and home design.

The first thing that people will see is the front of the house so you should take extra care of your lawn, your front garden and your entrance door and pathway.

First impressions matter so you should be sure to keep this area very tidy, nice and neat.

Add some attractive and well-groomed plants in the front. Repaint and retouch exteriors like your fences, front door, windows, panels, etc.

Remove outdated garden furniture and decor and opt for neutral choices in your overall garden design.

People’s tastes vary and what might look appealing to you might not be appealing to others.

Lastly, add color to your garden design, plant some flowers which have nice colors and use pots and containers with color to add an extra vibrancy and beauty in the garden.

Man walks with harvest between vegetable beds at home garden

Does a Vegetable Garden Increase Property Value?

A vegetable garden does indeed add value to your home if you keep it well maintained and pleasing to the eyes.

Vegetable gardens aren’t as aesthetically appealing compared to a flower garden so you will need to take extra measures in keeping your garden in good condition and attractive to potential buyers.

Create a vegetable garden that is environmentally friendly, functional and visually appealing.

Diversify with colorful vegetables to plant in your garden.

A vegetable garden plot without actual plants growing in it is unpleasant to look at so raised beds might be a better option as well.

Buyers will definitely be interested in having a vegetable garden that lets you produce your own organic and highly nutritious food in their own backyard that is also aesthetically pleasing.

Does a Flower Garden Increase Property Value?

Colorful flowers, yellow and violet flowers on garden landscape

Flower gardens are a charming addition to your home.

They add value to your home because they give a high aesthetic appeal to your overall property.

A large and overflowing flower bed looks pretty the thought of the maintenance required may not be attractive to potential buyers.

Go for a small to a medium-sized flower garden that will be easy and manageable to keep.

Does a Garden Shed Increase Property Value?

A garden shed is a single story building in your backyard garden that is mostly used for storing lawn-care and gardening equipment.

Small and good condition garden sheds that are functional usually increase the value of the property.

9 Outdoor Elements That Increase Home Value

Potential buyers look at the outdoor design and spaces as much as they do with the interior.

So it’s important to maintain and beautify your outdoor spaces to add value to your property and increase buyers’ appeal.

A nice outdoor space and appealing landscape are a huge selling point.

So here are some outdoor improvements and elements that will add value to your home.

1. Deck and Patio

Neat patio with sitting area and garden view in front of a house

Make the most out of the outdoors with a patio or deck that has a great view of your garden.

A place to hang out, relax and entertain your guests.

This is a good, marketable addition to your home.

2. Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen appeals to buyers. A great way to enjoy the outdoors and enjoy a good meal.

A good kitchen with amenities like grilling station, built-in barbeque, sink, and ice chest are a great selling point for buyers who love to host dinner parties.

3. Outdoor Garden Space

Much like a patio or a deck, this is a great space to utilize your hobbies like doing yoga outdoors or sunbathing, lounging, and socializing with friends and family.

An outdoor entertaining area can be extremely cozy and comfortable.

4. Fire Pit and Fireplace

Beautiful and cozy garden with man relaxing sitting by the fireplace and drinking wine

Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits are popular design elements in your home that can increase your marketability factor.

Cozy outdoor fire pits and fireplaces are great for bonding with your friends and family.

But before adding a fire pit or fireplace in your home, check your community rules and restrictions regarding these.

5. Fountain and Pond

These water features create a calming and peaceful outdoor atmosphere.

When deciding on a design, do your best to build something that doesn’t need too much maintenance.

6. Front Walkway

First impression is everything, so you need to construct a nice pathway going to your front door.

A pleasant flagstone walkway gives off a warm and welcoming feel to anyone visiting your home.

This will add classic beauty to your lawn and entrance to your home.

7. Outdoor Lighting

It gives your lawn and garden a visually aesthetic view even at night.

Add accent lighting to your trees and garden and illuminate the backyard and walking paths.

Outdoor lighting adds to your home’s security and creates a good ambiance at night.

8. Irrigation System

An irrigation system for your home will refresh your garden and lawn which will give your outdoor landscape a gorgeous look.

It encourages water conservation, is very convenient, and saves time.

A sprinkler system lessens the lawn maintenance of prospective buyers and makes the lawn look beautiful.

Look for a sprinkler system that is easy to use and of high-quality.

A drip irrigation system is good for the garden that has different kinds of plants like vegetable gardens and flower beds.

It minimizes evaporation as it directly places water on the root zone.

It delivers water and nutrients directly to the soil resulting in healthy and beautiful looking plants.

9. Fence

Garden against white fence flowering trees and flowers on the background

A well-maintained and in good condition fence is a nice addition to your home as it provides privacy and security to your home and safeguards your children and pets.

Pick the right fence color, material and type that will match your house architecture and design. 

Final Thoughts

The Landscape design around your home such as gardens and lawns as well as the general outdoor maintenance of your home are important to your home’s overall appeal and property value.

Taking good care of your home and building a nice and easy to maintain garden can improve the property value of your home while also attracting prospective buyers to your property.

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