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5 Best Rakes for Dead Grass (And Why You Need Them)

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Having a beautiful lawn is something you will certainly be proud of – but it’s also a demanding task that requires lots of time and effort.

Whether you have a bigger space or you want to stick to a smaller corner, you constantly need to think of various gardening tasks such as seeding, watering, raking up leaves and dead grass, and many more things.

Today we will stick to the raking part as well as suggest some of the best rakes that can make your gardening work much easier.

Ready to check them out?

woman holding a grass rake in the backyard

Why Should You Rake Your Grass?

Your lawn goes through stages each year, which means it requires various tasks at certain times.

For instance, after the summer is over, it’s essential to consider all the tasks you should do to recover the lawn.

Fall maintenance helps the grass to come back full force next spring and mainly consists of trimming, seeding, and, of course, raking.

True, sometimes it’s even better for the environment to leave dead grass and leaves lying on the ground, but in many cases, raking comes as an important task for the health of your lawn.

This way you actually bare and loosen soil, which prepares it for the next of your gardening chores—seeding.

Raking prevents potential dead grass in further stages of its growth as well as reduces the possibility of an unhealthy build of thatch.

Of course, to avoid your lawn looking dead after a long and cold winter, it’s essential not to damage healthy grass.

In like manner, grass clippings are an excellent source of nutrients you can add to your compost.

Applying compost helps improve the soil, especially if it’s low in organic matter or too sandy.

However, it’s important to remember raking dead grass is not the part that stimulates growth.

Removing the dead grass will leave a bare patch in the lawn. To fill it, you can prep and then reseed this particular area.

rake lying on top of a pile of dead grass

Laying new sod is also a pretty good option in this case.

Okay, now that we covered the ‘why’ part, time to investigate the best rakes for dead grass removal!

Our Top 5 Choices

1. Groundskeeper II Rake

THE GROUNDSKEEPER II Rake Lightweight Fiberglass Handle, 21-inch Head
  • EASY TO USE – The round and stiff tines of the GroundsKeeper work differently than the flat, flexible tines of other rakes. The angled, spring-loaded tines dig in, requiring no down pressure and allow you to rake standing up, taking pressure off your back
  • VERSATILE – Gets the job done! Excels at raking leaves, mulch, pine straw, sticks, acorns, gravel, animal bedding and more while also excellent for de-thatching lawns without damaging grass. Remove leaves and debris from snow, long grass, bushes or shrubs while allowing green stems to pass through the tines without harm

Here we have an excellent 21-inch wide raking solution that is generally used to groom sand traps or fine rocks on golf courses.

It’s also helpful when it comes to clearing up your space of dead grass leaves, pine straw, sticks, and other obstacles you want to remove from your yard.

This model has a 55-inch long fiberglass handle that makes it quite durable and guarantees you years of service. With a pretty lightweight design, we can say it is very easy to use.

Moreover, you can use it for long hours without getting tired; this rake has fine tines that taper at an aggressive angle.

The wire tines are hard and firm enough to keep the shape, while the loop “spring” you can see at the top gives flexibility.

2. Bully Tools 92309 16-Inch Bow Rake

Bully Tools 92309 16-Inch Bow Rake with Fiberglass Handle
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Commercial grade
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Extra thick 10 gauge steel

Here’s another excellent model that will certainly fit into your garage.

A lightweight bow rake and a fiberglass handle make this rake a durable and high-quality solution for your gardening work.

It has an extra-thick 10 gauge steel head with 16 tines. This model is perfect for dealing with compacted soil and collecting debris, as well as spreading mulch or other garden materials you may use.

Here’s an interesting fact—Business Insider selected it as “The Best Bow Rake In 2020”.

Coupled with that, Bully Tools is a company that’s been manufacturing farm and gardening tools (together with plenty of other useful things) since 1994.

3. Professional EZ Heavy Duty Rake

Professional EZ Travel Collection Adjustable Telescopic Folding Rake
  • EXPANDS AND ADJUSTS – Garden maintenance is a breeze with the Professional EZ Travel Telescopic all-purpose rake! Perfect for clearing leaves or debris, this rake is also perfect for tight spaces. Easily adjust the fan head and telescoping handle to find the perfect fit for any yard project.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL – Great for working under hedges and in flower beds, the versatility of this rake is unmatched. The smaller head allows you to rake in between perennials without damaging the plants. It is ideal for raking through window wells, under hard to reach spaces, and in the middle of dense flower patches.

Professional EZ Heavy Duty rake is a durable, high-quality tool strong enough to carry out those rather uncomfortable tasks, such as taking care of dead grass.

Its aluminum design makes it lightweight and easy to use.

Coupled with that, this model comes with an ergonomic handle that is covered with rubber, which provides comfort for your hands.

It is quite versatile and can get under spaces that are difficult to reach, through window wells, or other tight spaces.

You can also rake in between perennials and, because of the small head, you won’t even damage your plants.

4. Gonicc Garden Leaf Rake

Gonicc 63 inch Professional Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake
  • 15 Flat Tine Expandable Head – Adjust the rake width to a tiny 8 inchs for tight areas. This rake is designed to go in smaller areas that are difficult for conventional rakes. Expands to a full 23 inches.
  • Thicker Handle for Stabler Tines – 1” strong stainless steel handle is made thicker to keep the steel tines stabler and more efficiently collect leaves without leaving out any. Top-class Metal construction is made to last for years

Are you looking for the best solution for wet dead grass and leaves? It’s right here!

The Gonicc Garden leaf rake will efficiently help do all the dirty work that’s been waiting for you!

It has a smooth, adjustable head with 15 tines. You can expand it to around 23 inches, as well as fold it back to only 8 inches. This part makes it flexible and simple to fit into tighter spaces.

The stainless steel handle is big enough for you to have a good grip. Its weight of 2.5lbs makes it a little bit heavier than some other models, but you can still do the work without feeling this rake is too difficult to handle.

Still, keep in mind this particular model may not be designed for some heavy-duty work. There are some other rakes that will come as a more suitable lightweight solution if you are looking for that.

5. Root Assassin Rake

Root Assassin Rake
  • NOT AN ORDINARY GARDEN TOOL – Most rakes on the market scoop small amounts of leaves, but often bend and break under pressure. This causes back problems and wastes your precious time on projects that should be quick and easy. Switch to our Rake Assassin, and you’ll see an astounding difference during your outdoor projects. It’s perfect for men and women.
  • STURDY HANDLE – Most rake handles dig into your hands, whether they are plastic or wood. Our expertly-designed rake handle is durable and made of heavy-duty, lightweight, powder-coated aluminum with a plastic D-handle. It isn’t prone to chipping and rusting like your average metal rake handle. It’s 58” long and weighs just 1.75 lbs. And the 2-piece aluminum pole makes transport and storage easy.

Our last pick is this exceptional Root Assassin rake, which comes as a perfect tool for landscaping, dealing with hard-to-reach areas, or beaches.

Despite its ordinary appearance, the Root Assassin can help you do all the work in the shortest time possible: pruning clippings, turning compost piles, skimming swimming pools, or dealing with fallen fruits—you name it! 

Unlike many other models that often bend under some extra pressure, this lightweight one is made to deal with heavy leaves without causing any back pain or other health issues.

The aluminum handle is sturdy and comfortable for your hands.

A Couple Of Final Words

Every good gardener knows rake is one of the essential tools for maintaining your lawn.

As we’ve already mentioned, the work you need to do to keep your backyard neat, fresh, and beautiful is not easy, but that feeling when you see the fruits of your labor is certainly irreplaceable!

So, is there any rake you would like to add to our list?

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